Meet the Piano Man at Howl at the Moon

dueling piano bar near our hotel in Destin Florida

Have you ever been to an authentic dueling piano bar? Combining live music, humor and a lounge atmosphere, these classic saloons are hard to come by in recent years. The best place to experience this one of a kind musical attraction is Howl at the Moon. Located right around the corner from our hotel in Destin Florida, this dueling piano bar plays all of your favorite songs while serving up top notch mixed drinks.

What are Dueling Pianos?

“Dueling pianos” refers to the interplay between two expert piano players. Each helming their own grand piano, these professional musicians sing, tell jokes and interact with each other and the audience. The pianists at Howl at the Moon specialize in well-known rock, country and dance songs that everyone can sing along with. Be sure to look through your record collection before visiting the bar, because audience members are encouraged to submit requests!

Live Comedy

On Sunday nights, Howl at the Moon features a weekly standup comedy show. Sunday nights kick off at 8 pm with an hour of dueling piano music before the weekly touring comedy act takes the stage at 9 pm. Comedy shows typically last between 1 hour and 15 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the act. After laughing it up, you will once again be treated to music from Howl at the Moon’s virtuoso piano players.

When you leave Howl at the Moon after a night of fun, you will be ready to retire to your room in our hotel in Destin Florida. The Henderson Park Inn is a premiere bed and breakfast featuring pristine private beaches, an onsite gourmet restaurant and balconies overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. Voted the most romantic hotel in North America, the Henderson Park Inn has everything you need for an incredible vacation. Visit our Videos page to see our beautiful hotel for yourself.


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