We have traveled a lot and find it rare …

My husband and I wanted to once again say thank you for the hospitality you showed to us on our visit in December. We have traveled a lot and find it rare to have staff who are so polite, friendly and courteous.

From the moment we walked through the front door of the Henderson Park Inn we felt at ease. We had not made reservations and were relieved to hear you had a room available. As we waited on your deck while the room was being prepared you brought us lemonade and cookies. We were shocked!

The room was great (neat and clean) with a nice view. The environment was quiet and conducive to relaxation. Food was fabulous and we couldn’t get over the fact that you offered us so many free amenities.

The experience was so wonderful that we did not wish to leave and we have never felt this at any other place we have stayed! We came home and told our friends, families and co-workers about the Inn.

We are planning to come back in May and simply can’t wait. Thanks for going the extra mile. It does make a difference!

D & D Burch


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