3 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Hotel

Researching our Destin bed and breakfastAre you planning a romantic getaway? Finding the best hotel for you and that special someone can be harder than you think. With so many options to choose from, searching for the perfect place can be a bit overwhelming. The key to finding the ideal hotel is asking the right questions. Here are three questions you should always ask before booking:

1. Where can I read reviews of your hotel?

Reviews are the absolute best way to find out what a hotel is really like. If you want to hear from people who have stayed at the Henderson Park Inn, you can visit our page on TripAdvisor. Our Destin bed and breakfast is ranked number one of 38 hotels in the area. We also received the Traveler’s Choice award for Romance in 2013.

2.  Where exactly is your resort located?

The key to a great vacation is location, location, location! When you call a potential hotel, be sure to ask for the exact address. Using the Google Maps “street view

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