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4 People You Might Meet at Our Destin Oceanfront Hotel

If you scroll through the countless reviews Henderson Park Inn has received over the years, you’ll see our top-notch staff mentioned time and time again. While there are plenty of wonderful team members to meet while you’re enjoying a relaxing vacation with us, here are four people that you’re likely to meet while you’re staying at our Destin oceanfront hotel:

1. Tamee Huggins, Housekeeping Manager

If you’ve stayed at our Destin oceanfront hotel before, you probably already know Tamee. She’s the heart and soul of Henderson Park Inn and has been caring for our guests for more than ten years. She served as our guest services manager for years before moving into her current role as housekeeping manager. When Tamee isn’t making sure each and every room is properly sanitized to keep our guests safe and happy, she spends her time traveling the country with her husband to watch races. You’ll likely see her in passing while moving about the inn or if you request additional linens or towels during your stay.

2. Hayden Hritz, Guest Services Manager

Our guest services staff is of the absolute highest quality, and it is, in part, due to being led by Hayden. She joined our team in late 2019 and served as our wedding coordinator and Beach Walk Café’s assistant manager until the pandemic hit. When Tamee stepped into her new role as housekeeping manager, Hayden took the reigns as the guest services manager and has been greeting guests of our Destin oceanfront hotel with a smile since, with the exception of a brief period when she left to give birth to her first child. While she is the person you’ll likely speak to if there is a problem, you’ll also see her at the front desk and breakfast as you pass through during your stay.

3. Chef Greg Dupas, Breakfast & Lunch Chef

Now that the breakfast buffet is back at our Destin oceanfront hotel, you’ll be seeing a lot more of Chef Greg. Born and raised in Louisiana, he brings a Cajun flair to everything he does at Henderson Park Inn. In fact, the inn’s famous Grits and Grillades is his recipe, and depending on when you visit, you may be able to score a complimentary cooking class led by Chef Greg to learn how to make his incredible crawfish etouffee. He loves to fish, and during the offseason when he’s not fixing a guest the perfect omelet, you might catch him fishing on the beach in front of the inn.

4. Chef Daniel Peters, Executive Chef at Beach Walk Café

If you haven’t booked a reservation at Beach Walk during your stay at our Destin oceanfront hotel, you need to (And book early to make sure we don’t fill up before you get a chance to call). Chef Daniel’s food is incredible. He was born and raised in Destin, but he studied in Napa Valley under numerous celebrity chefs. He returned to the Emerald Coast to be closer to family, so he brings his expertise in local ingredients and his Napa-level culinary skills to Beach Walk.

But, you’ll only be able to meet all four of these people if you stay at Henderson Park Inn, so if you haven’t already booked your room, be sure to head to our accommodations page today.