4 Tips for Traveling to Destin as a Couple

two beach chairs facing the sunset on the beachCouples who have been dreaming of a sandy escape from everyday life have probably considered getting away to Florida’s white sand beaches and a laid-back lifestyle. If a romantic trip is on the horizon for you and your love, consider getting swept away in the culture and magic of Destin with these four tips to make planning simple and fun.

Pick the Right Location

Destin has plenty of places to stay inland and on the water, but only one hotel in Destin has been named number one in the area for years. Henderson Park Inn is top rated by travel experts and, most importantly, previous guests.

Choosing the right place to stay is important because Destin is filled with culture and spectacular ocean views. Choosing Henderson Park Inn for your couple’s getaway will provide extra benefits any other lodging in Destin won’t offer.

Plan Together

It might be tempting to let your partner plan the trip, but planning together will help you compromise on what’s important and what’s not while on vacation. There’s a lot that’s out of control while traveling, from flight delays to delayed luggage, but, the great part about traveling as a couple is that it gives you time to focus on each other no matter what happens.

If one person wants to hit golf balls at Regatta Bay, the other can go along or relax on the beach before meeting up at the Inn for a delicious boxed lunch and evening together. Compromise and finding time for each other will make this the best trip both of you have taken.

Create a List of Must-Haves

In order to make sure the vacation is enjoyable for both of you, create a list of must-haves in your lodging and a must-see while in the area.

Henderson Park Inn provides luxurious amenities so couples can have the best of beach adventure and a secluded getaway. Our private beach access and convenient location to downtown Destin is the best compromise for couples who want to spend time by the water and out on the town.

nighttime view of destin hotelMake Time for Romance

Make romance a priority if you’re getting away as a couple. When couples are not sightseeing, we invite our guests to take advantage of the private beach for a relaxing day sunbathing and enjoying each other’s company.

While it’s easy to try to pack a lot into a vacation, be sure to make time to focus only on each other. No matter what’s on your must-see and must-do list, be sure that your partner is a top priority.

With these top tips for traveling together, you and your special someone can easily begin planning a trip to the sand and waves of Florida. If you’d like to stay in the most luxurious hotel in Destin, everyone at Henderson Park Inn will make sure your trip together is complete with all you need to be relaxed and rejuvenated before returning to work and schedules. Contact us (866) 398-4432 today to find out more information about a Destin getaway at Henderson Park Inn.

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