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5 Things Our Destin Florida Hotel Does to Keep Our Guests Well

COVID-19 has absolutely changed the way hotels operate, and at Henderson Park Inn, our guests’ safety is of utmost importance to our staff. We want everyone who walks through our doors to feel safe and stay healthy throughout their stay with us.

We’re dedicated to providing our guests a relaxing escape, so to ensure the safety of our guests and staff, we’re still operating with a number of procedures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Here’s what we’re still doing to keep you safe:

1. Limiting and spacing out seating in our dining room

We know our dining room is a beautiful gathering space, and in years past, we’ve packed as many people as can fit. But, in hopes to help our Destin Florida hotel guests be more comfortable and prevent the spread of the virus, we removed a number of tables and made sure each is six feet or more apart.

2. Providing a made-to-order breakfast rather than a buffet

At Henderson Park Inn, we’ve always included a delicious breakfast in our guests’ stays, and while we know many of our guests loved the buffet, we developed a delicious, gourmet made-to-order breakfast to help eliminate the potential for germs to spread. Our chefs have been working hard to perfect this menu to include all our guest favorites, and so far, we’ve had wonderful feedback.

3. Adding extra sanitation steps in housekeeping

Before you arrive, our housekeeping team is hard at work sanitizing your room. While our Destin Florida hotel has always prided itself on having impeccably clean rooms, we’ve added hospital-grade sanitizer to our arsenal of cleaning products, and all of the surfaces in the room are wiped down with this new product. We are also fogging all the rooms after the room has been cleaned to ensure that we’ve done all we can to allow our guests the cleanest rooms possible for their trip.

4. Encouraging mask use

Every employee is required to wear a mask while on property, and we’ve installed plexi-glass shields, too. Also, we do encourage all of our guests to wear masks while in indoor common areas, unless seated and eating. While we do hope that we can one day go back to normal, we know that we’ve had a lot of positive feedback by having this added procedure.

5. Adding additional staff to continuously clean common areas

Again, our guests’ safety is our biggest concern, so while it does cost our Destin Florida hotel more, we have hired a number of additional staff members to continuously clean our common areas, wiping down high-touch surfaces like doorknobs and handrails. This is, of course, in addition to our usual common area cleaning practices.

We want each and every one of our guests to feel safe and stay well during this pandemic, which is why we’ve implemented these procedures. So, if you’re looking to travel but want to ensure that the Destin Florida hotel you select is operating cautiously, head to our Rooms & Rates page to secure your accommodations now.