Visit The Air Force Armament Museum To See The Fastest Plane Ever Built

If you are interested in American history and technology, the Air Force Armament Museum is a must-see attraction in the Destin Florida area. The AFAM is the only museum in the world dedicated to Air Force Armament artifacts and memorabilia. Located minutes away from our beachfront hotel in Destin, Florida, the AFAM is a fascinating and fun look at U.S. military history.

What To See And When To Visit

The Armament Museum is part of the Eglin Air Force Base, which has played a central role in Air Force activities for over 70 years. The AFAM features air crafts, bombs, missiles, rockets and other weapons from WWI to the Gulf War. The museum is open Monday through Saturday, and admission is free. No advanced notice is needed for groups to visit the AFAM, but it does not hurt to call ahead in order to make sure there are not other functions occurring at the same time.

Museum Highlights

One of the highlights of the museum is the SR-71 Blackbird, the fastest plane ever created.  Active from 1964 to 1998, only 32 of these air crafts were ever built, and 12 were lost in accidents. This miracle of modern engineering reached speeds of over 2,000 miles per hour. Including the SR-71 Blackbird, there are 25 different air crafts at the AFAM. Another famous artifact housed in the museum is the MOAB, the “Mother Of All Bombs

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