Jetpacks Aren’t Just For James Bond Anymore

Jetpacks have long captured our imagination in science fiction and spy films. What could be more fun than rocketing through the air like James Bond? In Destin, you don’t have to be a secret agent to have an unforgettable jetpack experience. Located minutes away from our Destin hotel, Jet Pack Destin offers exhilarating rides on their state of the art water-propelled jet packs.

How It Works

Guests at Jet Pack Destin will use the Jetlev, the world’s first recreational jet pack. Inspired by the jetpack in the classic James Bond film Thunderball, this ingenious device can fly up to three stories high at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. The jetpack propels users into the air by taking in ocean water and then shooting out thousands of gallons of water per minute.

What To Expect

Clients at Jet Pack Destin take a pontoon boat ride to the launch site. Everyone receives hands on training on how to maneuver the jet pack in addition to a 10 minute instructional video. Guests wear a NASCAR like communication helmet, so Jet Pack Destin’s certified flight instructors can talk with you throughout your jetpack experience. Jet Pack Destin has professional videographers on hand, so clients can choose to purchase a video of their flight. The entire experience takes about one hour.

After an exciting day of jetpacking, guests will be ready to relax in their beautiful rooms at our Destin hotel. The Henderson Park Inn is a beachfront bed and breakfast with everything you need for an amazing vacation. With complementary wine and chocolate upon arrival, a pristine private beach, and balconies with stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico, it is easy to see why the Henderson Park Inn was voted the most romantic hotel in North America. Visit our Room and Rates page to find the perfect lodging for your next couples getaway.



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