Solutions for a Stress-Free Vacation

couple relaxing on beachLife is fast paced. Between work, family and obligations, just planning to slow down for a few days can be exhausting. By preparing yourself for vacation, the stress can melt away from the moment you book the stay. Here are three solutions for a stress-free vacation no matter where you travel this season.

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Disconnect a Little

Being completely disconnected from technology is challenging. You don’t have to give up your phone or laptop during the entire vacation, but, by limiting your contact during the day to only a few hours, you can enjoy a mental vacation as well.

The small amount of time spent on emails and phone calls each day will keep you from coming back to piles of work, and prevent any worry about crises while away from the office. We’re sure your sweetheart will appreciate it as well.

Add in Activities

If you usually have a busy schedule, having nothing to do can seem strange. Instead of doing absolutely nothing, add in a few activities on the beach or in the water. You could play tourist and explore the town or ride bikes along the roadsides. For the adventurous vacationers, there are dolphin tours, parasailing and more offered at harbor boardwalks.

Keep It Simple

By choosing a vacation stay that is all-inclusive, you don’t have to worry about meals, drinks and other amenities that might require extra packing or planning. If you’re interested in an all-inclusive hotel in Destin, the beachfront Henderson Park Inn is specifically designed as an adults only exclusive stay. This allows guests the privacy and quiet vacation they long for when tossing their cares away for a few days.

To book a vacation at our top-rated, all-inclusive hotel in Destin, call one of our reservationists at (866) 398-4432. They’ll be happy to help you plan and book your stay, so the entire vacation from planning through leaving is stress-free and relaxing.

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