Take a Break to Bond This Summer

couple with rose on the beachIt’s finally summertime, complete with sunshine, tan lines and water adventures. Although summer may be here, you might not have found time to focus on yourself and your significant other with busy lives. No matter how packed your schedule is, it’s important to make time for your better half.

If you want to be swept away into romance without a worry in the world, the Henderson Park Inn Bed and Breakfast in Destin is the ideal place to hide away. Get ready to grab a swimsuit, and pack your bags because Destin has everything you need to fall in love all over again.

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Water Paradise

Whether you and your man like to hop in the waves or relax with your toes in the sand, Destin’s Emerald Coast is unlike anywhere else. The white sand and emerald water are a perfect combination that will take you miles away from any distractions.

Lovely Retreat

Our bed and breakfast in Destin is all-inclusive, which is even better than it sounds. Our guests enjoy the finest accommodations right on the beach with no reason to think or worry because we take care of everything, from breakfast to beach chairs and bicycles. Included are beachside delights ranging from happy hour and your private beach for dazzling views.

Easy Booking

No reason to worry about the hassle of booking. To reserve your room for a vacation with your love this summer, simply contact us today at (866) 398-4432. We’ll be happy to help you complete the planning process and reserve the perfect water-view suite.

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