Top 4 Destin Boating Activities

couple boatingSome of nature’s most breathtaking views are from aboard a boat. In Destin, there’s no truer way to see the best of the city and ocean. With white sand beaches and clear, emerald water, boating is big business for locals and tourists. If you love sand, water, sun and boats, we have all the information about the top 4 Destin boating activities to enjoy on your next trip south.

1. Fishing

Known as the ‘World’s Luckiest Fishing Village,’ Destin offers a variety of boat fishing options. Inshore fishing is offered to tourists who want to enjoy great fishing that is nearer to the shore. Offshore is even more popular in Destin because the open water allows boaters to catch a larger variety of fish.

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2. Crab Island

Crab Island is where locals and tourists come together to anchor their boats and enjoy summer fun. Just a few minutes from the harbor, the sandbar is only two to ten feet deep, making this the perfect spot to hop in the water and meet new people.

3. Snorkeling

Those who want to explore under the water can have up to 50 feet of visibility in the waters surrounding Destin on a good day. Many snorkeling boats offer free wetsuit use as part of their tours, so visitors can have the full snorkeling experience at an affordable price.

4. Dolphin Tours

One of the most exciting boating activities is dolphin and marine watching. There’s nothing that will make you feel more alive than watching dolphins jumping and sliding through the water along the Gulf Coast. Home to hundreds of bottlenose dolphins, Destin is one of the best places in Florida to see them up close.

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