Romantic Beach Picnic Ideas

Romantic beach picnic  ideas are quite a special way to celebrate a special occasion with your loved one, or just a great way to relax outdoors. Most picnics take place in a park – to ensure that yours is really original, why not have a romantic picnic on the beach? Planning a beach picnic to enjoy with your partner is one of the most romantic and unique activities you could think of. Not only is it a refreshing reprieve from indoor dates, it is relaxing, intimate, and memorable. It takes a little bit of planning to ensure that your beach picnic goes down perfectly, so this article is written to help you design your perfect romantic beach picnic date.
Planning a romantic picnic revolves around the food. Since the theme of your picnic will be romance, you might want to include some notorious aphrodisiacs to ensure the mood is set. Foods such as oysters, asparagus, almonds, and avocado are all famous for their supposed romantic effect, however they are not necessarily the most picnic-friendly foods. Instead, why not plan a meal that centers around your partner – what are their favorite foods? By including foods that you know your significant other loves, you are sending an intimate message that you know them, care about them, and want to provide for them. You could include hors d’oeuvres or finger foods, which as a romantic activity you could feed to one another. Another course could be a deliciously sweet fruit salad, with fruits such as pineapple, strawberries, mango, and kiwi. Chocolate is, of course, also a popular and winning ingredient to a romantic date. Wine is the classic choice for a romantic picnic, pairing excellently with picnic foods as well as chocolate, and providing a romantic mood and uplifting effect. If you are traveling you can pick out special treats from a beach walk cafe.
The atmosphere of the picnic is, or course, just as important as the foods and drinks that you bring along. Destin Florida You want to make sure that you pick the right spot and in the outdoors this can be a tricky thing to do. The picnic spot must be comfortable – if your picnic is on a warm or hot summer day, be sure to pick a spot in the shade, preferably under a big overhanging tree like palm. However, not all beaches have palm trees and so be sure to bring along a large umbrella to stick in the sand. This also provides some privacy from other people. To ensure the utmost privacy, try to pick a beach or spot on the beach that is not crowded. Make sure that you lay down a large, thick blanket to ensure that neither of you gets too sandy.
What makes beach picnics romantic is the proximity of the ocean. The sound of softly crashing waves, gently blowing breezes, and the supportive feel of soft sand underneath make for a very special atmosphere for romance. Most beach picnic ideas revolve around the idea of an evening or night picnic. This is ideal because not only are there less people (and more privacy), but the lighting can be magical. A sunset on the beach is a very special experience. The beach during the night with the moon reflected on the surface of the ocean ensures that you will have a truly memorable, romantic occasion.

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