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4 Reasons to Visit Destin Florida in March

It’s always the perfect time to take a beach vacation, but March might be the best time to visit us. While the water might still be a little cold, it’s the time of year when things start to warm up again, and there’s no better time to take a vacation than in the spring. Check out these four reasons why we think you should visit Destin Florida in March:

1. The weather is perfect

A fire pit at the Henderson Park Inn.Seriously, the weather in Destin Florida in March is spectacular. Think, flip flops and a bathing suit all day and a light jacket in the evening. It’s the best time to be at Henderson Park Inn because you can both enjoy the beach and the fire pits on property. In the summer, the fire pit isn’t as fun, and in the winter, your beach days aren’t as comfortable because it can get a little chilly. But, in March, you get the best of both worlds. Usually, the temperature stays in the low 70s. Plus, it’s before hurricane season, so you don’t have to worry about extreme weather wrecking your vacation plans.

2. The crowds are smaller than in the summer

And, it’s likely to be especially so this year. Yes, you might normally see a spring break crowd in our area, but with many schools opting to forgo spring break this year, it’s looking like this year will be even less crowded than our usual springs. So, our roads will be less congested, and you can check out all the excitement Destin has to offer. If you stay with us at Henderson Park Inn, you’ll never have to worry about a crowded beach at any point in the year, but it definitely helps that the area as a whole is less crowded when you’re on vacation.

3. There’s usually a lot to do

While this year might look a little different than previous years, March is still filled with exciting events. Destin Commons is set to host its annual Mac and Cheese Festival. Legendary Marine is starting up its Coastal Distancing events again, and you can find all sorts of galas, golf tournaments and more in Destin Florida in March. Because it’s generally a little less crowded here, locals are always hosting some sort of event in the spring, and if you’re visiting at the right time, you can take part in all the fun.

4. March’s rates are usually lower

At Henderson Park Inn with all that’s included in a stay, joining us at any time of the year is a deal, but you’re definitely getting your money’s worth in March. While spring rates are going to be higher than winter rates, they’re still definitely lower in March as opposed to June or July, and March is probably lower than April or May, too.

If we’ve convinced you, and you’re ready to book your inclusive, adult-only vacation to Destin Florida in March, head to our rooms and rates page to secure your accommodations before we fill up.