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5 of Our Favorite Gift Shops in Destin FL

With Christmas just around the corner, we’re guessing you’re in the process of finding the perfect gifts to give your friends and family. And, if they’re a fan of Destin, there are plenty of gifts to choose from. Whether it’s a photo, a key chain, a magnet or a shirt, they’re sure to love a memento from the area. But with a gift shop on every corner, it’s difficult to determine which ones are truly worth a visit.

So, to help our guests out a bit, we’ve compiled our 5 favorite gift shops in Destin FL:

1. Henderson Park Inn

Okay, we’re not one of the true gift shops in Destin FL, but we do offer a small retail space that may satisfy your gifting needs, especially if Henderson Park Inn holds a special place in their heart. From specially designed Henderson Park Inn Comfort Color shirts and branded tumblers to local honey and Beach Walk dipping herbs, our retail selection gives our guests plenty of options for gifts to give.

2. The Henderson

Yes, again it’s on Henderson Beach Resort property, but especially with COVID-19, why leave the property when you have all you need here? Our sister property, The Henderson, which is right across the street from us, boasts a beautiful gift shop. And, it offers unique items that you won’t find in any of your standard gift shops in Destin FL. They offer art from local artists as well as a number of apparel items that you’re sure to love for years.

3. Beach Zone

If you can’t find what you’re looking for at our on-property options, Beach Zone is a quick drive (or 15-minute walk) from the inn. It’s closer to what you’re thinking of in terms of traditional beach town gift shops in Destin FL, and it’s locally owned and operated. It carries brands like Salt Life, Oakley and Pelagic, and with each purchase of $25 or more, you can get a free box of taffy.

4. Alvin’s Island

Another one of the more traditional beach town gift shops in Destin FL, Alvin’s Island is also just a short drive (or 15-minute walk) from the inn. It has multiple locations in beach towns across the country, and it carries brands like Reef and O’Neill. Here you can purchase everything from pool toys to apparel, and these days they’re even offering masks for purchase.

5. Destin Commons

Ok, yes, this isn’t one of the many gift shops in Destin FL, but it’s probably some of the best shopping in the area. It has all your favorite retailers from Francesca’s and Lush to H&M and Belk, and with so many places to choose from, you might find the perfect gift to give for the holidays there.

Now, we think the best gift to give is a trip to Henderson Park Inn. If you’re ready to book your stay, head to our Rooms & Rates page to secure your room and get ready to start making the memories that are better than any gift you could give this holiday season.