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5 of the Best Restaurants in Destin

If you’re a self-proclaimed foodie, you need to start planning your trip to Destin, Florida. Our little beach town remains home to some of the most delicious dishes in the country in addition to our stunning beaches and the largest charter fishing fleet in the nation. But, as experts in visiting Destin, we know that selecting where to eat can be a challenge, especially when you’re not totally familiar with the area. So, we chatted with our knowledgeable staff, and here is what they said are the best restaurants in Destin:

1. Beach Walk Café

Ok, yes, Beach Walk Café is located within Henderson Park Inn, so it may seem like an obvious choice for us to mention. However, we’d be doing you a disservice to leave it off this list. This adults-only fine dining restaurant remains one of the best restaurants in Destin, winning multiple awards for its food and atmosphere. Watching the sun sink on the horizon on Beach Walk’s terrace as you devour delicious seafood is a dining experience that you’ll never forget. Plus, if you have an extra special occasion to celebrate, it also offers a VIP dining option that allows you to sit directly on the beach while being waited on by a dedicated server. It’s a unique experience and definitely something you don’t want to miss.

2. Boshamps

Just a quick drive from our beachfront hotel rests another of the best restaurants in Destin, Boshamps. While boasting a more casual experience than Beach Walk, this Gulf-to-table focused restaurant provides its guests with some of the best food around. And while its seafood selection is impressive, we’ve been told their Country Yardbird Sammy is a different level of delicious, so don’t worry about your non-seafood-eating friends finding something tasty to munch on.

3. Primrose

Yes, this is another restaurant on Henderson Beach Resort property, but Chef Gary Palm would be so disappointed if we didn’t include Primrose on this list, as his creations absolutely deserved to be spotlighted among the best restaurants in Destin. He brings 25 years of worldwide culinary experience to Destin, crafting mouth-watering dock-to-table dishes that you’re bound to enjoy. Plus, if you’re craving sushi, this is the place to go with the freshest selection around.

4. Cantina Laredo

If you’re craving a dish with a bit more Latin flare, Cantina Laredo is just a quick drive on Highway 98 from Henderson Park Inn. But, it’s not your traditional hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant. It earns its spot as one of the best restaurants in Destin with its high-quality, authentic cuisine. Plus, their margaritas are next level, making an evening spent dining there all the more fun.

5. Horizons

You can’t mention Primrose and not mention Horizons. Another of Chef Gary Palm’s masterpieces, Horizons offers some of the most delicious bites in Destin. The Crispy Fish Sandwich or the Crispy Red Snapper Bites? The type of dishes you’ll have dreams about for years to come. Seriously, you might be taking a trip to Destin just for these snapper bites. Still, Horizons is a bar forward space, so it’s one of the best restaurants in Destin if you’re looking to pair your food with a perfect craft cocktail.

And don’t worry, if none of these stand out to you as a place you want to dine, there are still hundreds of options to choose from in our area. But, if you haven’t booked your vacation to Destin, be sure to head to our Rooms & Rates page to secure your accommodations before we fill up.