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5 Places to Get a Drink Near Our Destin Florida Hotel

It’s not a beach vacation without a delicious cocktail in hand, and while Henderson Park Inn remains an all-inclusive property, we know that our guests often look for another place to grab a drink outside of our included happy hour. So, we’ve compiled a list of the best, closest places to grab a drink near our Destin Florida hotel.

1. The Cantina

A happy couple drinking beer together.Located on Henderson Park Inn property with easy access to the beach, The Cantina is perfect if you’re looking to sip on something cold while relaxing on the beach. Open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily, it has just about everything you could ever want when it comes to enjoying a drink on the beach. From buckets of beer to frozen cocktails, it is a spectacular option for grabbing a drink while at our Destin Florida hotel. Just keep in mind that it’s only open to Henderson Park Inn and Henderson Beach Resort guests.

2. Cissy’s Café

Less than a block away from our Destin Florida hotel, Cissy’s Café offers a variety of beer and wine options that are perfect for that moment when you finish your complimentary welcome bottle of wine at the inn. Plus, it’s a great place to grab a quick bite to eat with some of the best pizza on the emerald coast. You can see the full menu of what it offers on its website.

3. Horizons

In addition to having some of the best bar bites around, Horizons is a full-service bar on Henderson Beach Resort property, just across the street from our Destin Florida hotel. Their cocktails are next-level, and everyone raves about their sangria. Plus, its panoramic windows feature a beautiful view of the resort and Henderson Beach State Park. You can check out all they offer on The Henderson’s website.

4. The Rooftop

If you’re looking for an incredible view or a great place to watch the sunset, The Rooftop is for you. Located on Henderson Beach Resort property on– you guessed it– the roof, it overlooks Henderson Beach State Park and its mile of undisturbed beach. Plus, The Rooftop’s full-service bar offers some of the best cocktails around. To learn more about the specifics of what The Rooftop offers, visit Henderson Beach Resort’s website.

5. Craft Bar

While this one is not quite walking distance from the inn—you’d have to cross Highway 98, and we don’t suggest that—it still absolutely deserves a spot on this list. While it doesn’t boast spectacular views, it does have a wonderful atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating, and it has the best drink selection in our area. From an extensive craft liquor list to expansive craft beer—including locally made—options, you’re sure to find your favorite drink at the Craft Bar.

If none of these seem like viable options to you, don’t worry because our area has plenty of bars to choose from, and the guest services staff at our Destin Florida hotel is always happy to offer a personalized recommendation. And, if you haven’t secured your room at Henderson Park Inn, be sure to head to our Rooms & Rates page before we book up.