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5 Reasons to Get Married on the Beach in Destin

Imagine walking down an aisle of white sand toward dazzling blue water, a clear blue sky above you and the breeze gently blowing your veil. This gorgeous scene can be a reality when you have your wedding on the beach in Destin FL. But where will your dream ceremony and reception take place? There’s no better place to get married on the beach than at the Henderson Park Inn. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose to get married on the beach in Destin:

1. Beach weddings are easily customizable

A wedding on the beach allows you to choose between having a casual gathering, an elegant affair, or anything in between. Kick off your shoes and dig your toes into the sand, or have a more formal gathering on the deck. You can have as little decor or as much as you want, because the beach itself is gorgeous all on its own. How you want to decorate your ceremony or reception space is totally up to you.

2. You won’t find a more beautiful backdrop

You and your guests will enjoy breathtaking views of the Gulf of Mexico’s clear blue water. There is nothing more scenic than posing for stunning photos in the soft white sand with a romantic sunset painting the sky behind you as you look into the eyes of the love of your life. You’ll love that you won’t have to do much as far as decor goes, because the beach itself is incredibly beautiful.

3. Couples can choose from 6 gorgeous wedding venues

You may be wondering where exactly you could get married on the beach in Destin. From 80 guests to 500, the Henderson Park Inn has a venue to fit your needs. Have your wedding right on the beach with your guests looking out at the water. If you’d rather do something small and avoid the sand, you can host an intimate affair on the outdoor deck. We also have options so you can wow your guests with a gorgeous gathering on the lawn. No matter how you envision your day, we have the perfect spot for your wedding.

4. The Henderson Park Inn will take care of everything

The experienced and knowledgeable wedding planners at the Henderson Park Inn take the guesswork out of planning a destination wedding and handle the hard work for you. They can tailor every detail of your event to your personal taste and have your dream wedding awaiting your arrival in Destin.

5. Destin is also the perfect honeymoon destination

Why go on a honeymoon elsewhere when you can enjoy a romantic tropical vacation right in Destin? At our hotel, you’ll have everything you could possibly want in a honeymoon destination. Take advantage of the amenities at the Henderson Park Inn and enjoy Destin’s fine-dining establishments, shopping, snorkeling, entertainment, and more, all from the comfort of your romantic rental at our hotel.

If you’ve always dreamed of a destination wedding on the beach, Destin FL is the best place to get married. Want more information about planning a Destin beach wedding? Visit our Wedding Packages page, or call us at 850-424-4417.