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5 Spots at Henderson Park Inn to Watch a Sunrise in Destin

Watching the sunrise in Destin each morning is an absolute necessity when vacationing here, especially in the fall and winter when the colors are that much more vibrant. If you’re planning on staying with us at Henderson Park Inn, here are our 5 favorite spots to enjoy it from:

1. The Beach

A chair on the beach with the Henderson Park Inn in the background.There’s nothing quite like taking a calm walk on the beach in the morning, especially this time of year. You can start your trek before the sun starts to peak over the horizon and watch as you walk. We suggest walking west while it’s still dark, so that when you turn around to walk back towards the inn you can enjoy the sun rising in the east. When the air in Destin is a bit more crisp in the fall and winter, the sunrise is that much more beautiful and clear. By the time you’re done with your morning walk, it’ll probably be perfect timing to head in to enjoy one of Chef Joe’s delicious breakfast creations.

2. Your Balcony

If you’re not big on walking, you can always watch the sunrise in Destin from your balcony. All but a handful of the rooms at Henderson Park Inn feature a private balcony perfect for watching sunrises and sunsets. You can roll out of bed and walk just a few steps to be able to enjoy the sunrise’s beauty. And, if you’ve booked one of our packages, like the romance package, you can even enjoy breakfast from the comfort of your balcony while taking in the beautiful beachfront scenery.

3. The Main Deck

This is a perfect spot in between the beach and your own balcony to watch a sunrise in Destin. Henderson Park Inn’s main deck has plenty of seating to be able to relax and fully take in the sunrise. You can move the chairs around to face any direction you’d like and take in the beautiful orange and red hues our Destin sunrises offer.

4. The Henderson’s Rooftop Bar

Ok, so the bar itself would not be open this early in the morning, but The Henderson’s Rooftop Bar has one of the most spectacular views on property. It offers a spectacular view of the beach as well as Henderson Beach State Park, which features miles of undeveloped and undisturbed beachfront land. It faces west, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to catch the sunrise in Destin from here. Just stop by the front desk at Henderson Park Inn to grab a key card to make your way up there during your stay. Plus, if you’d rather sleep in and catch a sunset instead, you can always wait and enjoy a cocktail in the evening at the Rooftop Bar while the sun sinks.

5. The Henderson Park Inn Webcam

Not at Henderson Park Inn quite yet, but still want to enjoy a sunrise in Destin? Our website features a webcam that’s stationed on the roof of our main building, and no matter where you are, you can tune in at any time to see a live view of our private beach. So if you’re somewhere else in the world at the moment and craving a beautiful sunrise in Destin. Just pop over to our webcam page, and enjoy the sunrise from the comfort of anywhere with internet access.

Ready to watch a sunrise in Destin at Henderson Park Inn? Head to our Rooms and Rates page to book your room now.