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5 Things to Do in Destin in April

Spring is here! And, if you’re headed to Destin to spend a bit of time in the sun now that we’re warming up, our team has compiled a list of some great outdoor things to do in Destin in April to best enjoy the wonderful weather.

1. Walk a trail at Henderson Beach State Park

Directly next to our inn sits Henderson Beach State Park, and while you have to access it from Highway 98, it boasts a beautiful three-quarter mile trail that meanders through ancient but still growing coastal shrub and shifting dunes and remnants of a military bunker used decades ago. This trail, and the park in general, is also great for viewing wildlife. Since it’s spring, you may be able to see migratory birds in addition to rabbits, bobcats and gopher tortoises.

2. Go Fishing

Ok, so this might not seem like one of the most unique things to do in Destin in April, it’s an experience that’s unique to our area. Destin is home to the largest charter fishing fleet in the country. It’s the life-blood of our area, and in addition to being able to guide you to catching some of the biggest fish you’ve ever seen, these captains and crews have stories about the area that you’ll never hear about in a museum or on a website. It’s the best way to see the true heart of Destin.

3. Check out the Dune Lakes

Just a short drive from Henderson Park Inn rests 15 named coastal dune lakes. They’re a unique geographical feature that can only be found in Madagascar, Australia, New Zealand, Oregon and here. While connected to the Gulf of Mexico, water in the lakes comes from streams, groundwater seepage, rain and storm surge, making each dune lake’s chemistry different and providing a variety of different life in each.

4. Take a Bike Ride down Scenic Highway 98

When looking for things to do in Destin in April, bike riding might not be your first thought, but Scenic Highway 98 is called scenic for a reason. Henderson Park Inn sits at the very end of the road, and if you grab a set of our complimentary bicycles, you can pedal down the five-mile stretch and see the stunning, expansive coastline as well as hit a number of wonderful shops and cafes.

5. Relax on the beach

Ok, this one might be an obvious option, especially with Henderson Park Inn’s complimentary beach chairs and umbrellas at your disposal, but it’s one of the best things to do in Destin in April. The weather is perfect for a beach day, and the beach is the reason so many flock to our area in the spring each year. So don’t miss out on some key moments to relax and unwind on our beautiful white sand beaches.

Still, if none of these pique your interest, Destin is home to a variety of activities that are sure to satisfy just about every interest and hobby you can think of. And, our guest service agents are always around to offer suggestions on things to do in Destin in April. If you’re ready to book your beach vacation, take a look at all of our Destin hotel rooms now.