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5 Things to Know About Destin Florida February Weather

Is it snowing where you live? If so, it’s time to escape to the beach for a spectacular beach vacation at our adults-only, all-inclusive hotel. Yes, you may believe that the summer is the best time to visit the inn, but in our opinion, that’s not true. The summer has the warmest weather, yes, but the fall and winter offer some of the mildest weather.

Don’t believe us? Here are 5 facts about Destin Florida February weather to prove it’s one of the best times to visit:

1. It rarely rains

In July, you’re likely to see full weeks of rain, putting a huge halt to your beach-going plans. We usually get about 6 inches of rain in the summer months. However, in February, we usually only get about 4 inches of rain, allowing you to make the most of beautiful, sunny beach days.

2. The temperature is much milder than in the summer

Destin Florida February weather boasts temperatures around the mid 60s. In the summer, it’s pretty common to see a number of days in the upper 80s or low 90s. While the 60s does seem cold to those of us local to the area, we know that if you’ve been shoveling snow the past few months mid-60s feels like a perfectly warm beach day.

3. There is a little less daylight

A breathtaking sunset over a beach in Destin FL.Being right on the edge of the central and eastern time zones, daylight savings time hits our area pretty hard. The sun usually sets around 5:45 p.m. And while that might seem like a negative when it comes to a beach vacation, it’s not. Early sunsets mean that during your complimentary happy hour at the inn, you’re likely to see the beginnings of the most spectacular sunsets of the year. Plus, if you’re one who likes to head to bed earlier, you don’t have to worry about missing out on a beautiful Destin sunset.

4. The Gulf is the coldest it will be all year

Ok, so this doesn’t sound like a positive of Destin Florida February weather, but in our minds, it means that enjoying the beautiful, heated resort-style pools at Henderson Beach Resort is that much more enjoyable. So much of the summer is spent in the water, that many often miss out on how fun the resort’s pools are. There’s a lazy river and a poolside bar, and many just don’t enjoy it as much when they’ve spent all day swimming in the gulf.

5. It drops to the 50s at night

We have multiple fire pits on property, two beachside and one at The Henderson by the Horizons bar. And, while these firepits are interesting additions to our property, they don’t get much use during the summer. With the nights dropping to the 50s when it comes to Destin Florida February weather, those fire pits are finally put to use. The temperature is just cold enough to not get too cold, but cold enough to make the fire pit enjoyable.

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So, yes, while summer might be your first instinct when thinking about when to book a beach vacation, you’ll find that February in Destin and other winter months are just as enjoyable. If you’re ready to book your February vacation, head to our Rooms & Rates page now to secure your accommodations.