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5 Things to Pack for the Destin FL Weather in January

We know it’s shocking, but because we’re located in the northern part of Florida, it does, on occasion, get cold. The Destin FL weather in January can be a toss up, but it is usually somewhere around 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

But, just because it’s a little chilly does not mean that you can’t have a spectacular beach vacation. You just need to know what to expect and what to bring, so here are our five suggestions on what to pack for the Destin FL weather in January:

1. A Jacket

You probably don’t need a thick winter coat, but having a jacket on hand is key to handling the Destin FL weather in January. The day is usually at its warmest in the afternoons, but if you want to take an early morning sunrise walk on the beach or enjoy your balcony after dark, you’re going to want that jacket. Plus, if you dine at our award-winning in-house restaurant, Beach Walk Café, a nicer jacket is suggested for guests if they’re dining outside on the terrace. They do have heaters, but it’s always nice to have a back up.

2. Swimsuit & Coverup

While you likely won’t be swimming in the Gulf because of how cold the water gets, you can still lounge on the beach in a bathing suit or enjoy the heated pool over at Henderson Beach Resort in the afternoon when the sun is out. You will, however, probably want a heavier cover up if the wind picks up.

3. Sunscreen

You should always protect your skin with sunscreen when visiting Florida, regardless of the temperature. Even though it might feel a little colder, the sun is just as strong in January as it is in the summer. You can still get burned, so don’t leave the sunscreen at home.

4. Umbrella

umbrella in rainWhile July and August typically see the highest amount of rain during the year, the Destin FL weather in January can be a little wet, too. July and August see daily short bursts of rain, but you’re more likely to see full days of rain in the winter. We do provide umbrellas at the front desk if you forget, but it’s always nice to have your own when navigating the property.

5. Comfortable, closed-toe shoes

Florida is the land of the flip flops, but as the temperature drops in the evening or it starts to rain, you’ll be thankful for a good pair of closed-toe shoes to walk around in, even if they’re just to get around our property or take a walk down the beach in.

Still, regardless about how you feel about the Destin FL weather in January, it’s one of the best times of year to visit. The area is less crowded, and our rates are usually lower in January than any other time of the year. But keeping weather in mind, try to come prepared for just about anything. Then again, if you forget something, our employees are happy to help acquire anything you may have forgotten.

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