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Toes in The Sand

A Toes in the Sand dinner is the perfect time to pop the question!

An Unforgettable Experience

A Toes in the Sand dinner is the perfect time to pop the question! One of our guests who proposed at Beach Walk Café wrote to tell us that “proposing on the beach with the help of your restaurant made this a dream-like experience for her and unforgettable for both of us.”

If you are planning a proposal or any other type of special celebration, give Beach Walk Café a call to set up your Toes in the Sand experience: 800-836-1105

Terms & Conditions

Reservations must be made seven days in advance. For special consideration, please contact a manager. A $299 set-up fee is required for two people with an additional $60 per person after. Each person is required to spend $100 minimum in addition to the set-up fee and tax. An automatic 22% gratuity is added to each Toes In the Sand experience. If you choose to bring your own bottle of wine, there will be a $25 corkage fee – cannot be wine carried by Beach Walk Cafe. We make our guests safety a top priority and if inclement weather presents, or Act of God, and we have any concern for the safety of our guests and employees (for example, wind, severe rain, flash flooding, lightening, hurricane, sea life, etc.) management reserves the right to cancel at any time for any reason and we will refund the guest deposit.