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5 Examples of Beautiful Memories Made at Our Destin Florida Hotel on the Beach

As the premier Destin Florida hotel on the beach, Henderson Park Inn has often been the site of celebrations. From engagements to birthdays, the Inn’s atmosphere lends itself to creating incredible memories.

We asked our fans on social media to share their personal favorite Henderson Park Inn memories, and here are a few of our favorites:

1. A Birthday Celebration

Sheila Bladsacker joined us at our Destin Florida hotel on the beach for her sixty-eighth birthday. She spent her time enjoying all that Henderson Park Inn has to offer, relaxing and enjoying our Gulf of Mexico views.

“It was so relaxing and romantic with a beautiful view of the gulf,” she noted on Facebook. “The food was perfect and the wait staff so attentive. It’s a treasured memory for sure.”

2. The Perfect Snapshot

About two years ago and armed with her first camera, Katie Nance came to Henderson Park Inn hoping to capture a few incredible moments. By the end of the trip, she couldn’t pick just one photo that stood out as her favorite.

“It was so relaxing! I had fun enjoying the beach and good service. I very much enjoyed my visit about two years ago,” she wrote.

3. A Beach Proposal

In December 2018, Austin Richey arrived at our Destin Florida hotel on the beach ready to propose to his fiancé. Named one of the most romantic inns in the United States, Henderson Park Inn hosts couples celebrating honeymoons and anniversaries often, but our favorites are experiences like this, where Austin and his fiancé enjoyed all of our amenities just before a beautiful beach proposal.

“It was the best place I’ve ever stayed at! Ever since we spent the weekend there, we have wanted to go back so bad,” he said.

4. Too Many to Count

George Vick has joined us at Henderson Park Inn so many times over the years that he’s made a multitude of memories. One of which is his twenty-fifth wedding anniversary where he and his bride enjoyed a Toes in the Sand dining experience, which is a special dining service our in-house restaurant, Beach Walk Café, offers to allow guests a chance to dine directly on the beach. He also recalled enjoying the property before it was damaged by a hurricane. He would sit outside the room on a picnic table that gently rocked.

“We would sit there with friends for hours enjoying fine wine, great cheese and grapes, and we would watch the weddings on the beach,” he wrote. “We have future reservations, and we cannot wait to get back to Henderson Park Inn”.

5. An Anniversary Celebration

In 2000, Michael Haney rented the entire inn to celebrate he and his wife’s anniversary. They brought all their friends and renewed their vows at our Destin Florida hotel on the beach.

“Friends from all over the world attended,” he said. “And I will never forget how special the Inn made that weekend!”

So many more memories have been made at our inn, and so many guests reached out with their stories. We especially loved Michael Davis’s comment, which said “I’d say my favorite part was right after check-in and all the way up to check-out days later.”

Still, what we believe all of these guests would agree on is whether you’re celebrating a milestone or just taking a relaxing vacation, Henderson Park Inn is a Destin Florida hotel on the beach that you don’t want to miss out on.

If you’re ready to book your beach getaway, visit our Rooms & Rates page.