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5 Safety Tips for Visiting Crab Island in Destin

Crab Island in Destin has quickly become one of the most popular places to visit. People often make trips to our area specifically to partake in all the excitement and water-based fun that it offers.

It’s essentially just a sandbar located near Marler Bridge, which connects Destin to Okaloosa Island, but it gained popularity when boaters looking for a place to sunbathe and wade in the water started dropping their anchors here. Now, it’s turned into an all-out entertainment venue where locals and visitors alike congregate during the summer.

Still, there are a few things to keep in mind before visiting Crab Island in Destin.

1. Bring and Reapply Sunscreen

It’s easy to forget to reapply sunscreen when wading in the cool water of Crab Island in Destin, but your risk of getting sunburned is heightened when on the water. The water reflects the UV radiation, therefore increasing exposure. So be sure to wear sunscreen and reapply it often.

2. Give Yourself Plenty of Room Between Other Boats

Since the only way to get to Crab Island is by boat, be sure that when you’re anchoring, you’re allowing for plenty of room between your boat and others. That way, even if the current is strong, you don’t have to worry about your boat running into others.

3. Don’t Wade in the Water if the Current is too Strong.

Yes, Crab Island in Destin is a popular place to hop off the boat and swim, but in the summer of 2018 alone, Okaloosa County saw more than four drownings just at Crab Island. And these were individuals thought to be strong swimmers with ages ranging from 18 to 28 years old. So, while you’re there, be sure to keep your wits about you, pay attention to the water and wear a life jacket.

4. Don’t Try to Swim to Crab Island in Destin

It never fails. Every year, we have visitors to our area that ask if they can swim to the sandbar. The answer is no. Not only is it a long swim, the current can be extremely strong. Also, Crab Island in Destin is located directly in the single connection of the bay and the Gulf, so the area is filled with boats, jet skis and more. Your safest bet is to rent a boat and drive it our there.

5. Watch Out for Marine Life

While the reason it’s called Crab Island was due to its shape years ago, Crab Island in Destin is home to hermit crabs, sea turtles, sting rays, manatees, dolphins and more. In fact, a while back, swimmers found themselves alongside a 20-foot whale shark. That being said, do not approach these animals. Not only are many of them protected and approaching them could result in a hefty fine if not jail time, these are wild animals and can be unpredictable.

Still, Crab Island in Destin remains a popular and exciting spot that you won’t want to miss out on. Just keep these safety tips in mind when visiting.

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