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8 Unique Things to Do in Destin FL

Just about every month, we at Henderson Park Inn release a list of exciting activities in our area, but with a number of places currently closed due to COVID-19, we’ve had a number of guests call in to ask what else our area has to offer.

While places begin to slowly open again, we’ve compiled a list of eight unique things to do in Destin FL if you’re vacationing here soon.

1. Walk a Trail at Henderson Beach State Park

Directly next to our inn sits Henderson Beach State Park, and while you have to access it from Highway 98, it boasts beautiful a three-quarter mile trail that meanders through ancient but still growing coastal shrub and shifting dunes and remnants of a military bunker used decades ago. This trail, and the park in general, is also great for viewing wildlife. Since it’s spring, you may be able to see migratory gird in addition to rabbits, bobcats and gopher tortoises. For more information about the park, visit its website.

2. Go Fishing

Ok, so this might not seem like one of the most unique things to do in Destin FL, it’s an experience that’s unique to our area. Destin is home to the largest charter fishing fleet in the country. It’s the life-blood of our area, and in addition to being able to guide you to catching some of the biggest fish you’ve ever seen, these captains and crews have stories about the area that you’ll never hear about in a museum or on a website. It’s the best way to see the true heart of Destin.

3. Check out the Dune Lakes

Just a short drive from Henderson Park Inn rests 15 named coastal dune lakes. They’re a unique geographical feature that can only be found in Madagascar, Australia, New Zealand, Oregon and here. While connected to the Gulf of Mexico, water in the lakes comes from streams, groundwater seepage, rain and storm surge, making each dune lake’s chemistry different and providing a variety of different life in each.

4. Take a Bike Ride down Scenic Highway 98

When looking for unique things to do in Destin FL, bike riding might not be your first thought, but Scenic Highway 98 is called scenic for a reason. Henderson Park Inn sits at the very end of the road, and if you grab a set of our complimentary bicycles, you can pedal down the five-mile stretch and see the stunning, expansive coastline.

5. Traveling via Water Taxi

Destin Water Taxi is one of the most convenient and fun ways to get around Destin Harbor. These “taxis” are actually small boats that will take you to all of the best spots at the HarborWalk Village. Fares are just $5 per person for a one-way trip or $10 per person for a round trip. The blue and yellow boats are typically easy to wave down, or you can call Captain Jimmy or Captain Crystal directly to arrange a pickup.

6. Flying with a Jet Pack

Although jet packs might sound like something from a science fiction movie, they really exist in Destin! Instead of running on jet fuel, the jet packs on the Emerald Coast run on water. When you rent a pack from JetPack Destin, powerful geysers of water will propel you into the air, allowing you to “fly” about 30 feet above the surface. It’s easy to see why jetpacking is one of the most unique things to do in Destin FL.

7. Taking Professional Sandcastle Lessons

If you think that building sandcastles is just for kids, think again! The Beach Sand Sculptures company offers SandCastle Lessons that take this fun activity to a whole new level. When you sign up for a class, expert instructors will teach you how to become a “sand sculptor”. You’ll learn insider tips and tricks about using tools and creating the perfect sand for sculpting. By the end of the class, you will have created a 3 ½ foot sandcastle with ornate details and designs.

8. Riding Banana Boats

Riding a banana boat with Mobile Sports is an absolute blast! For the uninitiated, a banana boat is a large, yellow inflated tube that is pulled by a ski boat. Mobile Sports offers hour-long banana boat tours of Destin Harbor where you may encounter dolphins and sea turtles. Guests can choose from a “wild” or “mild” ride, which makes banana boats ideal for both daredevils and folks who just want a fun trip around the harbor.

Of course, there’s always something unique to do in Destin FL! There are plenty of activities available for just about anyone.

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